Hoy he visto Reality Bites (1994) por enésima vez, y sigo pensando que es una de las mejores películas que se han hecho nunca sobre la gente joven (-30). He podido encontrar (en inglés) uno de los fragmentos que más me gustan, entre Troy (Ethan Hawke) y Michael (Ben Stiller), cuando ambos salen de un local en busca de Lelaina (Winona Ryder):

Michael: Nice job. Very well done.
Troy: I don't want to hear it from you.
Michael: Oh, I forgot, I'm not qualified to talk to you. I'm sorry I can't be Mr. look a me I'm Buddha on the mountaintop. Know what you are man, you know what you remind me of? You're like that guy, you know, with the hat and the bells you know...
Troy: Court Jester.
Michael: Yeah, where everything is so easy to laugh at from a safe distance back in clevercleverland. You know what happens to him? They find his skull in the grave and they go- Oh, I knew him... and he was funny. And the guy, the Court Jester, dies all by himself.

Troy: Where'd you hear that, a Renaissance festival? Besides, everyone dies all by himself.
Michael: If you really believe that, who are you looking for out here?