Mis 10 tuits del ISOJ

Desde la distancia, el International Symposium on Online Journalism (#isoj en Twitter) me ha parecido de lo más interesante que se ha hablado de periodismo online en los últimos años.

A falta de confirmar impresiones con algunos amigos que sí pudieron asistir, dejo aquí mi modesta selección de tuits de referencia:

Be transparent about metrics - data are your friend. Understand you can leverage communities [+]

Transformation: there is no end state. Be realistic about how much multimedia you can handle. Test, learn, repeat [+]

Las discusiones a través de Internet son las que más influyen en la sociedad civil. Que se lo digan al M. de Cultura español [+]

The more people you discuss issues with, the more likely you are to engage in civic action. Strongest predictor is weak ties [+]

Domingo´s presentation bring us a sad truth: user´s comments usually is only visceral noise [+]

Novamente: wikipedia para jornalistas o melhor ponto de começar uma pesquisa mas o pior para encerrar [+]

Media assemblage: coordinated shaping of ecosystem for delivering independent news objects [+]

Start imposing too many rules you make it harder for people to enter the community, encourage others to leave-lose your community [+]

The way journalism operates has changed; the way we talk about it should change as well [+]

Did that #isoj questioner really ask why news orgs cant make money like Google does? If Google had to generate content... [+]